Two Kiters, The Washington Monument & No Secret Service

By admin • Feb 12th, 2010 • Category: Articles, Kiteboarding, Sessions

Words: David Kramer
Lens: Vali Puscasu. David Kramer

Session Report: 2.11.10. The Washington Monument
With: Pimp and (The) Kramar
As I awaken from my slumber at 9:00am this morning I hear my iPhone going nuts with an e-mail from Christian to go kite Bloomberg and gChats from Vali asking me where in the hell I am because the awesome Blue Machine is, well… stuck.

The plan: A quick photo op at the Monument, scout Ohio Drive and then head east of Annapolis to Bloomberg. Well - as it turns out - it became quite apparent Annapolis was out; the roads looked like the salt trucks dropped hand grenades instead of salt. I entered D.C. at noon and was not in Adam’s Morgan until 12:45. I only encountered about 15 cars during the trip up 18th street.

Vali gave me the heads up to take an alternate route to the Mall and we got there pretty fast. Thank goodness the Fed. was closed today because we parked in a Park Ranger’s parking space and made our “quick” walk to the chosen spot. By quick I mean hiking 300 yards through knee deep water logged snow without a single plow to clear the sidewalk(s) in sight.

The wind was super technical. We knew right away it was not going to be an easy score. Vali rigged first and after a hot launch debacle (shifty wind) we was cursing. The Tres 7M is a fast kite. Fast, I mean super fast. Like ludicrously fast. It was neat to watch that little thing generate so much power. Vali rocked some tacks back and forth but struggled a fair bit because the wind was seriously up and down.

After 25 minutes of riding Vali threw me up.

My first session was ok but not great. Kite placement was off, lots of sitting in the snow – a bunch of similar problems Vali had. The wind just wasn’t right.

Soon after I called it good, the score was Mall: 1 Kiters: 0. The Pimp, who was as determined to score as his lift shirt was, took another shot. This time Vali was lit constantly tacking back and forth and getting sum super powered turns (and falls Wink ) in. He rode till he was exhausted and stopped in the middle of the field. He was so exhausted from riding he couldn’t make it back to the launch! LOL.

I went up and had one of the better kite sessions in a long time. Lots of powered and linked tacks with some seriously nice turns and even some toeside riding for fun. The second session for both of us was a lot better - we became more confident with kite placement and enjoyed ourseleves a lot more. We were able to time the lulls and gusts to a t and for the most part we kept the kites in the sky a lot better. I have to say, riding fully powered while starring at the Washington Monument was Siiiick. We both packed super amped and were ungodly exhausted. Thank God the sidewalks were plowed during our three hour assault so the return walk to the unticketed car was much easier.

All in all, I’m sure Bloomberg would have been the call. The Mall is super technical to ride. The lulls and gusts make it very critical to be on your ‘A’ game. Plus, a lot of people get interested in what you are doing and they tend to come close; this is ok but it’s just another thing to keep in mind. Ultimately, it was an awesome experience seeing your kite-loop as you transition to a new tack with the Monument as a backdrop. Hell Yeah. The Mall gave us the goods. Kites: Win!

Photos Below:

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